silicones & special silicones for cement,brick,glass e.t.c

Sealants are used for waterproofing joints between two different building materials. These products have both sealing and adhesive properties. Depending on the degree of their elasticity, they can avert the building up of strain at the joints and prevent buckling of the building materials. They are pasty, but after exposure to air they gradually turn into an elastic mass. They are divided into many different categories depending on composition and application.

For the right choice of sealant, the following information is required:

  1. The substrate that the material is to be applied to (glass, painted aluminum, wood, concrete, etc).
  2. Whether the application will be external or internal.
  3. Contraction-expansion level of building materials.

silicone ACRYLIC silicone ACRYLIC
silicone S200 silicone S200
silicone ampoule glou silicone ampoule glou ( elastotan.0)
silicone NEAUTRAL S900 silicone NEAUTRAL S900
silicone S-MIRROR silicone S-MIRROR
silicone FIRESEAL W silicone FIRESEAL W
silicone SUPERWHITE 10 silicone SUPERWHITE 10
silicone LASTOSTIC silicone LASTOSTIC
silicone EL 7000 silicone EL 7000
silicone pasta silicone pasta

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