The General Partnership KAMTSIS ALEXIS & ILIAS Co. was founded in 1990 with its head offices in the Industrial Area of Sindos. During the first years of its operations, the company's objective was the importing and trading of fastening accessories and covering materials for industrial buildings.
The company has been a leader since the very beginning. It is distinguished in the strongly competitive environment of the market and has shown stable and qualitative progress, setting constantly higher goals and investing in client services.
Catching up with the market, the company is developing strong export activity both in Italy and the Balkan countries.
The company's upward and creative course is ensured thanks to its quality, its technology and the emphasis placed on manpower. 
KAMTSIS ALEXIS & ILIAS Co. has the know-how and the power to provide such products that can cover the needs of professionals, comprising industrial units, iron constructors, merchants, civil engineers, architects etc., as far as quantity and quality are concerned, providing the best standards.

The company philosophy of KAMTSIS ALEXIS & ILIAS Co. is the service and fulfilment of the needs of the abovementioned professionals providing the best quality products.
This is accomplished through the harmonious cooperation of the company with its clients as well as with the companies on behalf of whom it trades.
The developing needs of the market, the strong competition and the ambition of its founders have focused its efforts in research and development and consequently in trading more specialised products. This development has proven that an integral element in accomplishing goals is manpower. That is, people with knowledge, enthusiasm and responsibility so as to support and serve the company's clients in Greece and abroad.

KAMTSIS ALEXIS & ILIAS Co. is located on a 4.000m2 area  in the 3rd entrance of the Industrial Area of Sindos. These facilities have been designed with the aim of constructing a 9.000 m2 covered area, encompassing the company's increasing need for storage, material management and promotion, better organisation and perfect client services.

The developing market needs made the company rapidly augment its collection of fastening accessories and covering materials for industrial buildings. The company's products are licensed and have all the necessary standarts in accordance with the construction requirements.

Following the market trends, KAMTSIS ALEXIS & ILIAS Co, sets the standard for a rapid, constantly developing course, realising the goals and the demands of its founders

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Kamtsis Alexis & Hlias OHG
Industrial Area of Sindos Entrance C' - 570 22 Thessaloniki
Τ. +30 2310 796.373, +30 2310 796.267 F. +30 2310 796.267
e-mail : [email protected]

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