Creating a panel warehouse for the garden is an easy and economical solution. In this article we will see how we can build such a warehouse and what we will need.

Warehouses of this type are ideal storage solutions for bulky tools, ladders, sports and marine equipment, and can also be used for professional purposes. Note: It would be a good idea to talk to the person who will supply you with the materials in order to achieve the best possible result.

To make a warehouse with our own custom dimensions, we will need:

  • Side cover panels at a suitable height for the use of our warehouse
  • Ceiling panels in the dimensions to match the outer casing
  • Galvanized bed with holes
  • Galvanized bed without holes
  • 4 external corners
  • 8 interior corners
  • 1 warehouse or industrial door
  • 2 corners to connect the roof panel to the side cover panel
  • 1 side cover for roof panel
  • 1 gutter to avoid "storage" of moisture
  • As well as all the necessary screws to connect the materials (it is good to consult your supplier)
  • It is recommended to place the garden storage on a straight and solid surface as the package does not include a floor.

If you want to build your own warehouse with panels today, call 2310 796 373 and the person in charge will inform you fully about the materials you will need, which will suit your needs, as well as the cost of the construction.